September 2017  
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Praise and Worship Service
5:30 PM to 6:00 PM
A short time of singing and praying with a short devotion
Food Pantry
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Open to all residents of the Sabine Independent School District.


Sisters in Christ
6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Our ladies group is open to the community.
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Jim Bowie


McCary’s Chapel United Methodist Church Pastor, Rev. James E. Bowie, was born in North Texas but at an early age moved to South Texas near Harlingen then to Houston.

His parents were life-long educators. “Naturally that was a plan that I was going to follow,” he says.

Jim attended Sam Houston State University, receiving a B.S. in History and Government and two Master’s Degrees-- in Counseling and Administration. He also earned his certification as a Licensed Professional Counselor.

“My first love has been to counsel others and try to make a difference in their lives.”

“While teaching in Houston I was invited to attend a week- long program in Washington D.C. with 25 other teachers. There I was introduced to Marilyn who was teaching in the Pasadena ISD. I consider that a great trip.” Jim and Marilyn married in 1979 and have one daughter, Ashley- Meggan born in 1983.

Jim spent 16 years in the Houston area as a teacher, counselor and High School Principal then accepted his first Superintendent position near Lufkin. He served three other schools as a Superintendent. 

“After 38 years I went to New Mexico and served in a Navajo Reservation School and then became a Superintendent of Maxwell Municipal Schools before returning to Texas in Longview in 2007.”

Jim has served Longview High School as Dean of Students and Director of Counselors and is now the Sophomore Counselor to over 500 students.   Marilyn is a retired teacher.

“I began preparing as a Certified Lay Pastor and attended Licensing School.  With my background in administration and counseling I was placed on a fast track for the Course of Study through SMU,” he explained.  

“I feel fortunate to have had an interest in doing two things in life, and have done both, to be an Educator and a Methodist Minister.   I love family, friends, food, football and wish I knew how to fly fish...”



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