Cynthia White

Certified Lay Minister

Cynthia White

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I was raised in the Houston area & moved to East Texas in 2020 when I married my husband Kevin.

In my 'regular life', I had worked in the construction industry as a mechanical designer and pressure piping designer in chemical & petrochemical plants. I loved to know how things were put together and worked! 

In 2010, I heard the call to be more than a member of the United Methodist Church, and began my training to become a Lay Speaker. Continued training brought me to a certification of Lay Pastor. I was able to fill in for pastors when they had to be away from their assignments until I was assigned a church of my own.

In late September 2020, I was incredibly fortunate to be assigned to McCary's Chapel by The United Methodist Church North District in the Texas Conference. I love to sit in their prayer garden, sew in person or via Zoom meeting with the quilters, and learn about the history of the area. 

McCary's is known for its' heart for others, their food pantry, and their loving natures. I greatly enjoy being at McCary's Chapel, Liberty City, and being with the people that bring the warmth and heart to the church.